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The Myths of Bunion Surgery

According to the everyday civilian, bunion surgery has a reputation of being one of the most painful and
time consuming elective surgeries to undergo. However, with new advanced technology in surgical
implants and detailed training of the modern foot and ankle surgeon, these myth must be readdressed.

Bunions can result from inheritance to shoe gear. Inheritance being the strongest derivative. Shoe gear
such as high heels or pumps can result in adaptive bunion and hammer toe deformity, but if you have a
genetic predispositon, your chances are highly increased to develop the deformity.
Most bunion deformities are painfully symptomatic and others are nonpainful but require life style
changes such as shoe and activity modifications. Either of the two, can cause the consideration of
bunion surgery. With all honesty, all surgeons are not trained with same expertise; therefore, the
outcome can vary. As for Dr. Harris, foot and ankle surgeon, he prides himself in rectifying the
myth that comes with bunion surgery:

1. "Bunion surgery is the worst painful experienc ever": Dr. Harris has done thousands of bunions since
completing his surgical residency. Virtually 90% of his patients have little to no pain. He even gives future
surgical patients the opportunity to speak with previous patients that have undergone the surgical
experience. " The skin has layers, an experienced surgeon must dissect properly and reallign
corresponding layer with one another, if this is done accordingly, this will result in less swelling , scar
tissue, fast healing and LESS pain", states Dr. H.

2. "Since I cant walk on the foot for 2 months, i will have to take off work": Dr. Harris understands the
economic sacrifices that we as an whole are facing, so taking off work is not an option. In most cases,
bunion surgery by Dr. Harris is done on Fri morning and can return to work on Monday. "Walk the same
day, work the next week", states Dr. H. Our pt can start walking that same day in a boot, we ask to rest
over the weekend, but pt can choose to return to work that Monday.
3.) "No more pretty feet due to scar formation": Scar formation is inevitable; however, Dr. H extensive
training consisted of a plastic reconstructive surgeons' rotation which he learned a suturing technique
that not only eliminates enlarged scar formation in most

Dr. Harris